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What to learn more about 
Young Pups?

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🗓Friday's  4:30pm - 5:30pm
📍Gwawley Bay Soccer Club

ESMS Young Pups Program will focus on core soccer skills: 

1. Striking a soccer ball with correct technique

2. Dribbling a soccer ball with correct technique

3. Controlling a soccer ball with correct technique

ESMS Friday Afternoon training is suitable for all level's and all ages below the age of 13. 

All will benefit in physical, mental and social aspect whilst training with ESMS. 

Young Pups Core Soccer Skills

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1st Touch💡

  • Controlling the ball with both feet.

  • Using inside and outside of your feet to control the ball.

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Dribbling the soccer ball🧲

  • Head up when dribbling the soccer ball

  • Dribbling at high speed and intent

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Striking the soccer ball⚽️

  • Shooting with accuracy and placement

  • Passing with precision and accuracy

What will ESMS teach your child?


Positive Play💯

  • Keep a positive attitude

  • Encourage those around you

  • Quick reaction after a mistake

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Good Habits💪🏼

  • Flexibility Training

  • Core Work

  • Hydration & Sports Nutrition

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  • Arriving on-time

  • Greet fellow teammates

  • Do more than what is asked

Customer Testimonials

Our training gear

All ESMS players must purchase a starter kit. ESMS pride itself on professionalism and providing all players with the most professional experience as possible.

Our starter kit includes:

  • Jersey

  • Shorts

  • Rain jacket 

  • 2  pairs of soccer socks

Our Team.

Keeping your little one safe and enjoying football is our mission.

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