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Young Pups Program

Only $20 per session | Siblings train half price
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🗓Monday's 4pm - 4:45 pm
Wednesday's 4pm - 4:45 pm

📍JJ Kelly Park

Welcome to ESMS Young Pups. This is where you will have a thorough introduction to football technique and core skills training.

ESMS Young Pups age from 5 years old through to 9 years old.

Children will improve their skills, knowledge and performance on the football field.
The Young Pups Program has had tremendous success in forming friendships, reducing screen-time, improving individual b
ehaviour, creating fit and healthy individuals.

Want to learn more about 
Young Pups Program?

Watch this video.

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Young Pups Core Soccer Skills

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1st Touch💡

  • Controlling the ball with both feet.

  • Using inside and outside of your feet to control the ball.


Dribbling the soccer ball🧲

  • Head up when dribbling the soccer ball

  • Dribbling at high speed and intent

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Striking the soccer ball⚽️

  • Shooting with accuracy and placement

  • Passing with precision and accuracy

What will ESMS teach your child?


Positive Play💯

  • Keep a positive attitude

  • Encourage those around you

  • Quick reaction after a mistake

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Good Habits💪🏼

  • Flexibility Training

  • Core Work

  • Hydration & Sports Nutrition

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  • Arriving on-time

  • Greet fellow teammates

  • Do not cut corners in any drills

Our happy parents

Our training gear

All ESMS players must purchase a starter kit. ESMS pride itself on professionalism and providing all players with the most professional experience as possible.

Our starter kit includes:

  • Jersey

  • Shorts

  • Rain jacket 

  •  pair of soccer socks

Our Team.

Keeping your little one safe and enjoying football is our mission.

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