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1 on 1  Training 

1on1: $80 per session 
2on1: $120 per session ($60 per player)

Want to learn more about 
1:1 training?

How about spending 1min watching this video?

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ESMS 1:1 Training Sessions Explained

ESMS 1on1 sessions are great for building confidence for beginners, and working on pin-point areas of your game for advanced players. Suited to all ages and abilities. Our existing players range from professional players, young beginners and over aged players.


ESMS will focus on fundamentals of football.

Strikers will focus on shooting.

Midfielders will focus on passing and distribution.

Defenders will focus on speed and tackling.

ESMS will also introduce new skills, techniques and ways of thinking about the way you play your football game. 

What will you get from the session

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Quality time with coach

Your ESMS coach will pay attention to your ability in 3 key aspects; physical, technical & mental. Although, what does that really mean? Having the time to sit down and discuss your strengths & weaknesses with our coaches gives you clear insights on what you need to work on. Identify the weakness, work on it and overcome!


Position specific training

Have you ever needed to work on something specific you can't really do in a group/team session?

If you are a central defender, this is the session where you will focus on your distribution, first touch, and aerial element of your game, midfielders will be taught to scan at all times, shoulder checking and quick decision making whilst our strikers develop an eye for goal with repeated efforts of... SHOOTING!

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Flexible Hours

Away from the training benefits of 1 on 1 will be the ability for ESMS to work within your schedule. As life progress's for some of our players, the normal training times become difficult and ESMS is here to ensure you get your training in! Early mornings, during your lunch breaks, you name it and we will be there.

Our Team.

Keeping your little one safe and enjoying football is our mission.

Our happy parents

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