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ESMS Passing Walls Explained

ESMS Passing walls provide opportunity to practice fundamentals of the game every day in your own home or at your own football club training premises. Foldable doors and flat frame will ensure the passing walls to be convenient for any storage space.

ESMS will also provide training videos on progressive exercises to keep you motivated and in constant use of the passing walls.


Repetitions of fundamentals:

- Passing
- First touch with inside foot
- First touch with outside foot

- Football circuits with the easy to move passing walls

You can connect or disconnect the passing walls to make your own football circuits, individual passing drills and shooting drills.

ESMS Passing walls are tested and proven in our own academy.

Outright Purchase Price is $399inc per passing wall + delivery

ESMS Members can subscribe to the below finance agreement



Are you committed?
Hit the ball against the wall for 6-12 minutes daily

Phase 2
L Work

Phase 3
Directional Passing

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