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Every Season My Season (ESMS) have completed their holiday clinic for the Easter holidays, after a fun and very successful three days in Wollongong.

The ESMS holiday clinics have doubled in player numbers since the last holiday clinic in January, showcasing the increased excitement surrounding the ESMS clinics.

Players were treated to 21 hours of football fun over the course of three days with head coach Daniel Loe, where players learned about the physical, mental and emotional sides of football.

Activities on offer from ESMS included ball-mastery training, football games, fun games for all ages, kids gym sessions, indoor soccer, and the ESMS Easter egg hunt on the final day of the clinic.

Older players from the ESMS senior academy visited the clinic to mentor the younger players, ensuring that all players felt welcome and at home with ESMS

Head coach Daniel Loe was thrilled with the response from the players after the three days, crediting the different approach to football that ESMS offers to the success of the camp.

“Reactions from the kids have been great. We’ve tried a few new activities with Ghetto Movement. They (the players) fell in love with the ‘kid’s gym’ that we made up and it’s just been going off without a hitch, considering the weather which wasn’t really ideal.” Loe said.

“I think our clinic does a lot more theory work compared to other clinics. We had coach Jazzy come in to do a nutrition talk. We’ve brought in our senior academy players to mentor the players, which is something quite special for the younger players. They look up to these (older) players”.

Players are encouraged to take their footballing journey to the next level with ESMS by enrolling in the ESMS academy, ranging from the Young Pups as young as six-years-old all the way through to the Adult program.

Players who loved our holiday clinics can bring their entire club team along to ESMS through ESMS’s hosted team sessions, where our coaches will take your club team for a session to provide players with a different perspective to training as well as help your own club coach get the best out of your players.

Visit our website at or call coach Daniel at 0452 469 015 to join our programs today!

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