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Pre-School Program
Soccer Training

$220 brings ESMS coaches to your ELC!

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Pre-School Program?

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Looking for an Exciting, Challenging and Educating class?

ESMS cover it all!

ESMS Pre-School Program works alongside the Munch and Move guideline, and promotes the importance of active play and healthy eating through practical exercise lessons for your children. 

Pre School Core Program Skills

Conor Pre School.JPG

1st Touch💡

  • Controlling the ball with both feet.

  • Using inside and outside of your feet to control the ball.

Pre School.JPG

Dribbling the soccer ball🧲

  • Head up when dribbling the soccer ball

  • Dribbling at high speed and intent

Tash Pre School.jpg

Striking the soccer ball⚽️

  • Shooting with accuracy and placement

  • Passing with precision and accuracy

What will ESMS teach your child?

the boiz in line.JPG

Positive Play💯

  • Believe in yourself

  • Encourage others

Taka Stretching.jpg

Active Lifestyle💪🏼

  • Exercising Daily

  • Eating The Right Foods  


Learn Japanese!

  • Number's, Colour's and Manners in JAPANESE!

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Keeping your little one safe and enjoying football is our mission.

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ESMS guarantee the upmost professional and amazing experience to your service. 

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Pre School | Sutherland Shire

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