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Elite Program

Only $35 per session

🗓 Mon/Wed/Fri 6:30 pm to 8 pm

📍JJ Kelly Park

Time to get serious!

It is no secret that you are who you hang around, and should you link up with our Elite Group then you will adopt their elite mindset and work ethic. ESMS requires our Elite Group train with the ambition of becoming the best players they can be. Training is intense and each player in this program has a burning desire to improve and get to a certain level whether it is IPL First Grade or NPL First Grade.

What will you get from the session

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📈Improved football conditioning and fitness levels📈

ESMS pride their elite players on being more than match-fit. Training will be intense and you will be pushed to your aerobic and anaerobic limits.

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✅Improved first touch✅

Technical training is a key component to all of our sessions in the elite program. It is imperative to all players and positions that you are able to receive a ball smoothly to be noticed on the pitch and that is what we all want, we want to be noticed and progress in our playing career's.

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🗓️Personal Timetable🗓️

ESMS will highlight where you are currently at in your playing career, and map out a plan on where you want to be and how we are going to get there. We will structure a timetable that includes every element from fitness, technical training, football education, diet and injury management.

Our happy parents


Our Team.

Keeping your little one safe and enjoying football is our mission.

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