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Friday Afternoon - ONLY $30 PER SESSION!

Siblings Train Half Price

Friday's  4:30pm - 5:30pm | Gwawley Bay Soccer Club | BOOK NOW

This is where the fun stuff happens! Oh, and don't forget your first session is FREE!

ESMS Friday Afternoon training is suitable for all level's and all ages below the age of 13. 

All will benefit in physical, mental and social aspect whilst training with ESMS. Friday afternoon sessions are technique based where we focus on the 4 principals of play for SAP ages: Running with the ball, striking the ball, 1v1 actions and 1st touch.

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Less Screen-Time

COVID-19 has normalised children into thinking they can sit on their i-pads, playstations and i-phones all day long.
If you are looking to move your child into a more active lifestyle, break the habit of sitting in front of a screen with people you can trust then join ESM-YES!



Improved Technique

Physical play and exercise can help children build physical growth and strength. ESMS Players will work through football circuits, engage in exercises that engage their mind to concentrate on balancing and trying to be as coordinated as they can!




Self-Belief, Curiosity are two major factors ESMS aim to instill in all of our Young Pups! Team work, problem solving skills, it's all included in every single training session. Come and make a new friend, treat your child to a new adventure by joining ESMS today! See the timetable above and CALL NOW!

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