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Before School Training - ONLY $49 PER SESSION!

Wednesday & Friday 6:30am - 7:30am | Kareela Synthetic Oval | BOOK NOW

ESMS Before School Program ages from 9 years old through to 17 years old. This is suitable for all levels of players.

Before School Training is a the edge into training whilst other players are sleeping. If your child is competitive and wants to do extra training, we recommend introducing them to before school training. 

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Parents... This is your child's dream and if they are motivated to wake up at 6am and devote time and energy towards their dream - who are we to stop them?

Dedication is something that should be nurtured - this is where ESMS step in and guide these young dedicated individuals dedicated personality.

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Lowers tension and stress levels

Evolving into an adult is a period where each student needs an outlet to let our any frustration, confusion or even anger. ESMS guarantees to bring like minded people and similar aged individuals together into a development program to reduce your child's stress levels and most importantly, feel good about themselves.

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Provides positive energy, discipline and other commendable qualities of life

As much as we like to have fun, there is a level of discipline and positivity we expect all of our students to conduct themselves with one another. This level of expectation will rub off onto anybody who is joining ESMS and into their own lives. Come and join our morning sessions today.

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